NAND Backup

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Required Reading

This section will create a backup of your device’s internal NAND memory on your SD card, which will allow you to restore your device via a hardmod in the case of a brick.


A backup of the MLC partition is optional as it’s huge in size, and most bricks that need MLC to be restored are done by user-error.

If you want a full backup including MLC, and have a black Wii U (32GB) model, your SD card must be at least 64GB in size. If you have a white (8GB) Wii U model, your SD card must be at least 16GB in size.

  1. While in the Homebrew Launcher, launch nanddumper
    • If you left the Homebrew Launcher, return to it by running the Wii U browser and go to
  2. Use os botões direcionais para definir as seguintes opções:
    • Dump SLC (528MB): yes
    • Dump SLCCMPT (528MB): yes
    • Dump MLC (8GB/32GB): optional
    • Dump OTP (1KB): yes
    • Dump SEEPROM (1KB): yes
  3. Aperte (A) para copiar sua NAND
    • Be prepared to wait; this can take a while (up to several hours depending on the options you enabled)
  4. Quando completado, seu Wii U irá reiniciar automaticamente
  5. Desligue seu dispositivo
  6. Insira o seu cartão SD no seu computador
  7. Copy slc.bin, slccmpt.bin, otp.bin, and seeprom.bin, and each mlc.bin.part file (if you chose to backup the MLC partition) from the root of your SD card to a safe location on your computer
    • Make backups in multiple locations (such as online file storage)
    • These backups will save you from a brick and/or help you recover files from the NAND image if anything goes wrong in the future
  8. Reinsira seu cartão SD no seu dispositivo
  9. Ligue seu dispositivo


Mocha CFW

This method requires that you rerun the web exploit used above after every reboot.

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This method uses a cheap exploitable DS Virtual Console game to launch your Custom Firmware automatically at boot.

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